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1 Case of 24 GreenLife Natural Alkaline Spring Water 8.0+ pH 12 oz / 355 ml

Designer: GreenLife Alkaline Water

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Buy a 24-pack of 12oz (355ml) sized bottles of GreenLife Natural Alkaline Spring Water and save on the cost of individual bottles! This package provides nearly 9 liters of water (over 2 gallons) in large recyclable bottles you can take on the go for all-day refreshment.

GreenLife is committed to providing only the highest quality water to promote better health, easier hydration, and a more eco-conscious world. Every bottle of GreenLife Natural Alkaline Spring Water is proof of our dedication to these values:

  • Natural Spring Water Bottled in the USA
    • Every drop is collected from natural aquifer-fed caverns deep in the lush forests of Central Florida and bottled locally.
  • Perfect Alkalinity for Maximum Health Benefits
    • A high pH value of 8.0+ph ensures the greatest range of alkaline water anti-aging effects, from reducing acidity in the body to easing high blood pressure and increasing oxygen flow.
  • Natural Minerals and Electrolytes
    • Naturally-occurring minerals and electrolytes at a concentration of 138-144ppm means great tasting water and more effective hydration.
  • No Artificial Ingredients, No Added Sugar
    • Spring water is the most refreshing and effective sports drink there is: no need for chemicals or added ingredients.

    Hurricane Matthew’s impact to Haiti was catastrophic. The storm has caused complete devastation and severely affected the already limited water supply.

    Access to clean, fresh water is a main concern in Haiti, where waterborne illnesses, such as typhoid, cholera, and chronic diarrhea, are the cause of more than half of the deaths in the country every year. Contaminated water is also one of the leading causes of childhood illness and the very high infant death rate in Haiti (57 for every 1000 births).

    To tackle these issues, GreenLife Alkaline Water will continue to send bottled water to Haiti until a clean substantial system is in place. This effort is essential to families with children especially in rural areas and small towns. It will provide a healthy source of hydration in every region of Haiti.

    Our goal is to provide as many families as possible with GreenLife Alkaline Water. For a $30 donation, we will ship a case of water to the Haiti Relief project. Our team is on standby to begin immediate transport and distribution of GreenLife Alkaline Water to the Haiti Relief effort.

    Let’s save the children of Haiti.

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