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Our Story

What started as one man’s simple desire to improve his health, strengthen his inner vision, and bring natural joy to others, has grown into a commitment to helping the world live a happier, healthier GreenLife™. A native Memphian in West Tennessee, Michael Green’s deep curiosity about the natural wonders and healing practices of our world took him to explore places far beyond the Mississippi Delta and the Mid-South to Hawai’i, Mexico, Colombia, Korea, and Brazil.

“In the summer of 2005, families from New Orleans, Louisiana to Biloxi, Mississippi faced grave challenges to secure the most basic essentials of life. Like many Americans across the country, I joined local efforts in Memphis to support families impacted by those waters. Those efforts continued long after the headlines faded. I was already reeling from Hurricane Katrina when I then watched the 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Matthew’s devastating destruction in 2016 devastate Haiti. That nation’s struggles for shelter, food, and clean water pulled my heart strings and intensified my desire to help make change. In Korea, I heard soul-stirring music that celebrated and gave thanks for the gift of water and the gift of life. There, I learned that the ancient tea ceremonies around water and healing were practiced to foster harmony in nature and in humanity. These contrasting experiences sparked a vital change in my way of thinking about my own life and my place in the world. I wanted to strengthen my mind and live healthier. I returned home, soul searching choices I had made about my own health, personal relationships, and lifestyle. After much deep reflection a seed was planted. I wanted to find a way to change myself and my relationship to food and others. I wanted to find a way to make a difference. I made significant dietary and nutritional changes. I began by increasing one of my most important daily sources of nourishment—water. This journey led me to create GreenLife Alkaline Water™.”

At GreenLife™, our mission is to live a more balanced, natural life where our beautiful earth’s natural resources are cherished, protected, and shared. We recognize that water is life and our health is our wealth. By providing naturally high pH-balanced water from The Spring of Life to you and to families here and abroad, we hope to share the GreenLife™ Vibration around the world.

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Michael Green


Our Symbol

The bright yellow background on our GreenLife™ label represents the Sun, in which all life depends. The yellow rays of the Sun symbolize energy. The red blood of the heart and the green stem of a plant represent Life. The blue waves of water represent pure oxygen. Once you add these vital elements together, you now have the true essence of life, which we name The GreenLife™ Vibration.